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And Now, A Word From Our President....

The love I have for Prestancia is very obvious and I must say it is contagious as well. How can you not love a place as beautiful as this? Where else can you see eagles sitting in the middle of the Russ Seifertfairway on TPC and then majestically flying up to their nest high in one of the tall pine trees? Perhaps you want to pause and watch them swoop down to catch a fish from one of our many lakes and then sit next to the lake eating it. No wonder they are our national bird. Perhaps you would rather see the white pelicans return to their little strip of land in the lake by the 4th hole of the Stadium Course where they remain all winter until they mysteriously disappear one day as they begin their summer journey northward.

How about the families of sand hill cranes that have free reign over our entire area? Or watch the baby chicks as they are born and then grow into cranes the same size as their parents - only to leave as they grow and the process begins all over as new chicks take their place. By the way, please be careful when you drive on our streets. Since the cranes feel they own the place, they walk wherever they want and whenever they want! They may be crossing the street you are on and they are hard to see. Since they mate for life there is nothing sadder then to see one lonesome crane because you know something happened to its mate. Drive carefully.

When my wife and I drive on Prestancia Blvd early in the morning, one of us is almost certain to comment how beautiful it is. Lovely trees, gorgeous landscape, and great views almost make for a scenic wonderland. For someone like me who was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. (where I never did see the tree that purportedly grew there) I spent most of my life looking for a place like Prestancia where I could enjoy all the beauties of Nature.

I’ve found it. And I hope you do, too. 

Russ Seifert
President, Prestancia


From the Editor of the Prestancia Pipeline

There are hundreds of communities across the state of Florida, and just as many beautiful gated communities that are home to baby boomers, retirees, snow birds and others who’ve made Florida their home.

None, however, surpasses Prestancia.

Known as “the best kept secret in Sarasota,” Prestancia continues to lure its residents with its lushness, intimacy, and Old World Charm that distinguishes it from all the others in its class.

As Prestancia’s newsletter editor (The Prestancia Pipeline), I have had the privilege of interviewing hundreds of residents from all across the U.S. (and Canada!) who have made Prestancia their home. These colorful personalities include former Broadway and movie actors, U.S. Army Generals, CEO’s of top corporations, well known former professional athletes, newspaper publishers, and many others.

Heightening the appeal of its diversity, however, are “down to earth” individuals and families who have chosen Prestancia and Sarasota because they appreciate its warmth, its beauty, its fine schools and extensive arts and culture. These are the people who are our neighbors, our friends, and who make this community the most desirable place to live if you’re thinking of moving to Florida’s west coast.

I am a New York gal, and I have high expectations of culturing diverse friendships, surrounding myself with some of nature’s most beautiful landscape, and living my life to the fullest in the “here and now.”

Join me and my fellow neighbors in making your home Prestancia. We will welcome you with open arms!

Andrea Martone
Mara Villa, Prestancia





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